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Waterproofing and Home drainage systems

Water problems usually show up in the Homes  basement. We have seen it all, there are actually no jobs that surprise us.  The picture of this home in Wyoming Ohio had a finished basement and was only a couple years old when the home owner started  noticing that there carpet was wet.

Because there was no sump pump or proper Drainage the water under the slab had no place to go but up. As you can see there is at least a foot of water underneath the slab. You can only imagine the future problems that would have come over time with this kind of isuue.

Sewer lines, Drain lines and waterlines

Underground pipe installation like it never happened, from investigation, camera inspection, cleaning , repairing and installation we have you covered. This job alone can be a very stressful time for home owners and the last thing you want is wasted time delays or work to do once we leave. Our methods of preserving property, routing lines around obstacles such as sidewalks, porches, utilities and anything else is part of our job and we do it well.

Gutter drains, downspouts, french drains and yard drains.

Outside  Drainage problems are one of the main culprits for water getting into your Basement  causing floor, footer and foundation problems. Homes with hilly terrain or positioned in low areas are more prone to level terrains requiring more assistance to get the water away from the home. With so many possibilities for water intrusion you want to find the root of the problem, and not spend a lot of time with theories. We locate the problem quicker.

What we are doing to help during the pandemic

All customers can receive 20% off there project with KWS. This discount can be used for big or small jobs and will continue through the National emergency. Water drinking systems installed under your sink can stop you from buying all that bottled water and give you a better drinking water for you and your family as well. 

 Also as always investigation and job design is included free to all of KWS customers as our way to do our part. Please feel free to call or email about any one of these promotions.

Sewer saver drain Care Products

Do you constantly have sewer or drain problems, if so you  will want to try our line of products to help maintain your sewer or drain from roots to buildup we have you covered. Our products are designed to be safe on pipes and the environment.  Free treatment with all sewer cleanings. Ask about it today.

Customers Most asked Questions

Q) I have sewage coming up  through my floor drain. Does this mean my sewer is broken. 

A) Short answer NO. A lot of times it just needs to be cleaned and treated. 

We keep sewer lines running longer than any one in the trade. 

Q)If my sewer line is Broken do we have to replace the whole sewer line.

A) Short answer is NO. 90% of sewer lines have only 1 or 2 spots that are actually causing the problem and we dont want to do any work that does not need to be done. A spot repair and adding access to the sewer at the point of the repair is usually the case with a lot of sewer repairs.

Q) How do you offer free investigation, inspections and designs to your customers.

A) Through experience and years of handling these problems we understand that these jobs are costly and can be a tremendous under taking both in price and  magnitude for the customer, the last thing we want is to charge you money just to figure out the problem. This is a big reason why you should choose us. Choosing us to do your job means we are here to help and in a big way. If you took a car to a mechanic only for them to fix one thing and realize it did not solve the problem, they still charged you to fix the part that didnt fix the problem, But the wiser smarter mechanic would have fixed the problem faster and quicker because he was experienced, thats us, experienced. 

Q) How do you make it seem like you did not dig a trench or a 

hole in my yard or property. I see so many other jobs where they have huge mounds of dirt and it looks like a bomb went off.

A) By Knowing the exact plan before the work begins. Through a little effort and planning we know every direction we are going, a schematic is made in a lot of instances and we take extensive care of your property. 

It is what has made KWS stand out above  our competitors.

Q) Do you offer warranties on all your work.

A) Absolutely and they are some of the best you can get, are warranties are also transferable in most cases. Differs per type of job.