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Hello and thank you for visiting  Kemphaus Water Solutions, Drainage Specialists, proudly serving the Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Built upon a family foundation Kemphaus has been pushing through to help the customers that call upon them everyday.  KWS has been pioneering the Way for how problems are diagnosed, underground piping is installed, and finding Solutions to fix the problem that works best.

What Makes Us The Best Choice for your JOB!

#1 Trouble shooting and design

#3 Warranties that actually Work

#1 Trouble shooting and design

 From start to finish We get you through the process more smoothly. We eliminate a very serious problem in our industry, one that KWS does not have and has based its entire buisnes structure and customer service experience with it in mind. It’s the  troubleshooting of the actual problem and performing all the proper steps to get it done correctly without wasting the initial investigation to actually figure out the issue. For example if you spent money to figure out what the actual problem was, well than you should have called KWS. Expert accuracy and spot on correct answers solve the problem quicker and faster , which in return means any investigation we conduct is free as long as we do your job.. We take care of absolutely everything pertaining to our field. So when we start your job we know how to locate the issue Fast, whether it is locating a leak in your yard or home, diagnosing a problem sewer or Waterproofing your foundation we get it done Better and we prove it.

#2 From Start to finish

#3 Warranties that actually Work

#1 Trouble shooting and design

After we have figured out what the culprit of the problem is and we have designed a plan that works the best for the situation its time to get to work. Through this process your job is started and is not stopped until complete. We at Kws believe in this and stick by it. Your job is prepped before started and ready to begin work and be able to make sure you do not have to call anyone when we are complete with your job. Whether  outside or inside you will not have to do anything when we are finished. We take care of seed, straw, landscaping, replanting, concrete, drywall,  anything that had to be done to repair your job we have it covered.

#3 Warranties that actually Work

#3 Warranties that actually Work

#3 Warranties that actually Work

Warranties that make you Happy.  All New installations of the work performed automatically come with a 10 year guarantee. All repairs that  are made come with a 5 year guarantee. We make sure the work that is done is 100% correct.  


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